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About Us



The Italian Culinary Foundation (ICF), a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to elevating the standards and understanding of authentic Italian cuisine through education. The ease of travel and migration of ingredients, among other things, have had a significant effect on the way Italians in every region cook and eat. As a result, broad knowledge of the products – first and foremost – should now be considered the key to creating great Italian cuisine. This concept is at the center of every ICF teaching program.



Promote a better understanding of Italian culinary arts and wine, and an appreciation for authentic Italian food products.  

Develop scholarships to allow students and faculty the opportunity to study Italian cuisine, wine and culture in Italy.

Expand lectures and seminars by inviting noted food journalists and food producer representatives to discuss the evolution of the Italian diet and the authenticity and passion to produce quality Italian products.

Establish permanent programs at U.S. Culinary Schools to teach certain basic cooking techniques peculiar to Italian cuisine, as part of their curriculum.



Provide Culinary Scholarships for students to study Italian cuisine, food products and wine in Italy.

Organize Seminars to discuss the state of Italian cuisine globally. 

 Offer Professional Culinary Courses for culinary students and professionals to study and work in Italy.

Offer Culinary and Cultural Tours to expand the knowledge of Italian cuisine and culture for Food and Wine Enthusiasts.



Founded in 2006 by acclaimed restaurateur Tony May, the Foundation has been successfully coordinating programs with culinary schools around the world by bringing chefs and products from Italy for co-teaching visits, providing students and faculty with hands-on learning experiences emphasizing the origin, history, techniques and products which comprise authentic Italian cuisine, while demonstrating modern interpretations, reflecting the way Italians are eating today in Italy.



Kevin M. Dyer, Secretary & Counsel

Judge Michael L. Pesce, Officer

Marisa May, Officer

Melanie Young, Officer

Marisa Biaggi, Officer


Culinary Scholarships

The Culinary Scholarship Program is created to enable young culinary students to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine through education and travel. 


Professional Courses

These intensive culinary courses offer an opportunity for culinary professionals to work and study in Italy. The courses are designed for culinary students and professionals in the hospitality industry, as well as professional chefs and food enthusiasts who wish to learn more about Italian cuisine.


Culinary Arts, Cooking & Cultural Tours

This is a unique, once in a lifetime, food-focused, guided tour of Italy. Experience hands-on cooking, cultural and culinary arts arranged and custom-tailored by Marisa and her father Tony May, who will guide you through the entire tour.

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